Spring 2016 is on the way

by | Mar 23, 2016

Hello Friends, Family and Fans,

Finally, spring is springing here is the Sierras! After a pretty good snow pack year, we are, after several years, on track to have a normal spring water shed and runoff. Still the lesson to learn is that water is a precious commodity and be thought of as such. This doesn’t mean we should plant cement trees or Cactus. We can still have great landscaping for our homes and properties. We just need to be clever in our thoughts and overall design projections. Think long term about water usage and long term goals about our space. We may have a drought again next year; so perhaps, lots of lawn areas may not be prudent. Artificial Turf is a great solution! (No water, no fertilizer, no mowing = no work!) Sounds good to me!

So, we are off and running for the 2016 season! Our focus this year is on lower water usage, more interesting textures and contours of the land, fire pits and creating islands of color for the whole summer.


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