Outdoor Landscape Lighting Service Lake Tahoe

Transform your garden after dark with outdoor lighting.

Including outdoor lighting to your landscape will add extra dimensions to your home and garden, and allows you to enjoy your design after the sun sets.

Whether it be up-lights, wash-lights or pathway lights, we can transform your property into the dream home you always wanted. A thoughtfully lit property can be an aid to security as well.

Lighting Features

Adding some dramatic exterior lighting to your garden design is a great way to really make your property stand out.

Lighting up your water features makes the most of the wonderful effects of water in your design. Bring waterfalls, streams and ponds to life after the sun sets.

Take a look at our portfolio to see some of the things you can achieve with some easily installed lighting effects.

Other Services


At the heart of any landscape or garden design are the plantings.

Water Features

Ponds, streams and waterfalls add a new dimension to your garden design.


Patios, fire pits, walls and dry river beds are just some of the possibilities.