Garden Art design philosophy

Our Philosophy

Based in South Lake Tahoe since 2004, Garden Art was founded by owner Erik Friedman in Concord, MA in 1985, specializing in residential landscape design.  The company quickly expanded to cover much of New England, and continued to expand to the mid-west.

Since we arrived in South Lake Tahoe in 2004, we have been bringing the same care and attention to detail that has brought us many new clients and friends.

In addition to residential garden design, we also do commercial landscape design, adding lighting and sound to the environment, and enhancing the landscape with water features.


You choose to live in Northern California, so we know the importance you attach to your surroundings, and our goal is to provide you with a unique landscape design that enhances your property year round.

Whether you are looking for a completely new garden design, or are just looking to add a stunning water feature, or a beautiful patio, Garden Art can help make your dreams come true.

There are many ways to enhance your existing garden, such as a tranquil Japanese style garden, or simply a beautiful lawn surrounded by trees and shrubs.  We can provide you with a garden you will love.

Using the highest quality trees and plants, and relying on organic rather than chemical methods, we aim to provide you with a beautiful outdoor living environment.

Lake Tahoe Garden designed by Garden Art Landscaping

Lake Tahoe Garden

We specialize in stone patios, fiercest and water features

Patio bordered by a beautiful water feature

So, whether you are a business or a family, if you want a landscape or a garden that will enhance your environment year round, we are the company to call.  

For a comprehensive list of our commercial and residential services, including annual clean-ups, contact us through the web site, or give us a call on 530 541 3587.  Founder and owner of Garden Art, Erik Friedman looks forward to meeting with you to discuss your landscaping and design needs.